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ETL401: Topic 1 & 2 Reflection

on November 28, 2012

I completed my initial Primary Teaching degree many years ago and therefore found the videos and links in the Topic 1 Module great refresher tools to remind me of effective ways to access research information.

The Primo demo video was very clear and once I had viewed the clip I was able to navigate easily around the CSU library site. There were also many useful and specific online journal articles relating to the changing role of Teacher Librarians. The Primo database contains a huge number of resources, it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I searched ‘Teacher Librarian’ and 25,701 results came up! Even after narrowing my search to ‘Teacher Librarian + Role’ 10,615 results appeared!

I used Primo to search ‘Teacher Librarian + Collaboration’ and 3,265 results came up. Along withe the articles that I have read, the large number of results containing these words prove that collaboration is as very important aspect of the TLs role.

After watching the online tutorials I found that the EBSOCO database and the Informit database were also fairly easy to use. I learnt what the term ‘truncation’ means and trialled examples of this.

I have decided to use Word Press as the blogging site for setting up my online learning journal and to reflect on my learning. The school I am teaching at is introducing Word Press as a tool for student ePortfolios in 2013. Up until now, we have been using iWeb for students to evaluate and reflection upon their learning. I have always encouraged students in my Year5 classes to blog and now it is time for me to get on board too!

Other TL blogs that I have read (both past and current students) are are very thought provoking and inspiring. I am finding that by reading other student blogs and making note of their recommended journal articles, this is also adding to my ongoing bank of knowledge.

I am interested in the changing role of the TL and have enjoyed reading many online articles about this innovative topic. I agree that TLs are specialist teachers who are working in partnership with classroom teachers to collaboratively plan and deliver lessons preparing students to be lifelong learners. Worldwide “studies also identified collaboration or partnering between classroom teachers and teacher-librarians as an effective method for improving student learning.” (Haycock, 2007, p. 75)

Research in the library

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Haycock, K. (2007). Collaboration: Critical success factors for student learning. School Libraries Worldwide, 13(1), 25-35.


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