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INF506 – Assessment 1

on March 11, 2013

A. Define Social Networking (in your own words).

From the readings I have read and reflected upon, social networking is defined as an online community of people, located in any country or of any age, with a common interest who use a website or other technology to communicate with each other. Social networking sites help to build relationships by allowing users to interact and share information, ideas and opinions about their interests with the people in their online community or network.

B. List the social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes).

Social networking technologies and sites that I already use are:

  • Twitter– professional use including following specific educational hashtags
  • Scoop it! – professional use, I have curated 3 topics related to education
  • Ning – professional use, in particular the Flat Classrooms Conference Ning
  • Delicious – set up to use mainly when completing my Masters
  • Diigo – professional use to collaborate and share websites with teachers in an eLearning group within my school
  • Wikis – professional use, Teachmeet wikis, iPad wikis, technology wikis
  • Pinterest – personal use relating to my hobbies
  • Wallwisher – professional use relating to collaborating and connecting after a conference
  • WordPress blog – set up to use mainly when completing my Masters
  • Edmodo – professional use to collaborate and communicate with likeminded teachers, as well as using the ‘groups’ setting to communicate with the classes I teach.

For the purposes of INF506 I have recently started accounts on Facebook, Linkedin and Flickr. I look forward to furthering my knowledge about many new and engaging social networking tools.

C. Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506.

I expect to learn effective ways for Information Professionals, including Teacher Librarians, to use social networking sites effectively in the learning experiences of teachers and students. I would like to know more about Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 technologies such as facebook, twitter, flickr etc.. and how these technologies can be used to assist students in their learning journey both in the classroom and afterhours when completing school tasks at home.


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