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ETL504 – Module 2 Leading Change

on May 15, 2014

Discuss Tapscott’s 4 principles for an open world. How can these principles be applied to school libraries or teacher librarians? Consider how this understanding of the 4 principles can support you in leading change at your school or in your school library.

Strategies that Teacher Librarians can apply for an ‘open world’ based on Don Tapscott’s (2012) 4 Principles:

1. Collaboration;

Teachers and teacher librarians planning and team teaching together. Skype classes around the world to encourage global collaborative projects (@globalclassrooms) and global projects where students interact and learn from and about one another. Use social media such as twitter and edmodo in the classroom to connect with students locally as well as globally. Staff as well as student use tools to plan collaboratively e.g. google docs, answergarden, todaysmeet. As a team, teachers plan ways to implement the Australian Curriculum.

2. Transparency;

TL’s communicate information seamlessly to teachers. This could be information about new authors, book week, writing / reading competitions, new resources linked to the Australia Curriculum. Display an openness to all students, parents and teachers so that they will visit the library more often and approach you willingly for assistance. Model the schools vision and ethos. Encourage relationships built on trust and integrity with library stakeholders. Be public, everyone needs to see you.

3. Sharing;

Sharing resources, expertise and knowledge with other educators, parents and students.

4. Empowerment;

‘Knowledge and intelligence is power’. Assist other staff members to achieve their goals by offering support, encouragement and valued feedback, this will result in them feeling stronger and having more confidence to be innovative and becoming ‘change agents’.

If a Teacher Librarian has a clear understanding of Tapscott’s 4 Principles and implements some of the strategies mentioned above, change will be taking place in their school.


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Tapscott, D. (2012) Four principles of the open world [ETL504 Module 2]. Retrieved March 13, 2014, from Charles Sturt University website:


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