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ETL504 – What is leadership?

on May 20, 2014

What is leadership? Initial Post at the beginning of ETL504

My understanding of leadership is someone who is a mentor and / or coach who not only has expertise, knowledge and advice to share, but someone who is an exemplary role model and ‘practices what they preach.’ An excellent leader is someone who is innovative, motivating and inspirational, they ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’. He / she displays empathy, understanding and has time to listen to team members. 

I show leadership in my school by:
• actively taking part in curriculum planning meetings.
• team-teaching and modelling ways of integrating technology into classroom lessons to effectively meet syllabus outcomes.
• collaboratively planning with grade level teams.
• organising and taking part in professional learning opportunities both school wide and for the wider community.
• mentoring other teachers (especially new scheme teachers).
• sharing teaching strategies and resources with colleagues.
• volunteering for extra curricular and co-curricular initiatives e.g. Tech Crewsaders Club, hosting conferences and TeachMeets, K-12 Professional Learning Committee.
• teaching and interacting with groups of students each day in school environment.

What type of leader would you like to be?

I believe that being in any role in education, especially in a ‘specialist’ role, it is all about building relationships with other staff members and developing a sense of trust in one another. In order for teachers to feel comfortable collaboratively planning, team-teaching and allowing you into their classrooms, they need to have developed a relationship with you first. This was my initial priority when I commenced my new role. 

I would like to be a transformational leader who focuses on reflecting, change and innovation. A transformational leader is a mentor and coach who empowers staff to achieve their goals.



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