Librarians are Gold!

Let the Learning Begin…..

Let’s Begin!

Two weeks ago I began a Masters of Education (TL) by correspondence at CSU. It is a real challenge finding the time to complete the modules and to get through the readings each week. However, I am thoroughly enjoying extending my professional knowledge, understanding and skills in the area of Teacher Librarianship. Not only is Teacher Librarianship an area that I have always been interested in, but the library is an exciting, engaging and extremely important hub of any school.

Like all aspects of education, the role of an excellent teacher librarian involves “monitoring and evaluating teacher practice to ensure improved learning and teaching” (ASLA, 2004, p. 3).

Standards of Professional Excellence for Teacher Librarians Wordle

Above is a Wordle that I have created using many keywords mentioned in the ALIA and ASLA’s ‘Standards of Professional Excellence for Teacher Librarians.’ (ASLA, 2004)


Australian School Library Association (2004). Library standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians. Retrieved from:

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